The Solar Energy Advantage

 Today there are a lot of things that some of us may look at differently. This is because today we realize how much more we are vulnerable and susceptible to situations. I personally have decided to take certain steps to be able to get off the grid. One of the most important things that I'm doing is getting a solar energy system. And even though I never had a problem before the fact that today we are all walking around with masks and are being directed to get covid shots tells me I better be ready for anything. So let me be clear I'm not getting off the grid I just want to be able to if the time comes. This way if I need electricity or water during times that power or electric is scarce or insufficient I'll be able to push through the situation. What I found out is that most solar energy systems are priced around $25,000 to $50,000. I actually don't have a problem with that as most solar energy panel systems last 30 years. I did find out that there's financing available for such systems. In most cases the payment of the solar panel system is lower than the power bill itself. In my case the solar power system was priced at a little over $38,000. In even though that can sound expensive it's not if you start thinking about the long term expense you're cutting out. My power bill is around $350 a month, making my average yearly costs $4,200. But my payment for the solar energy power system in a years time is less than $3,800. So not only will I save $400 a year but now I can have power even if there was an outage in my area. 

There's some other benefits that did come with my solar energy system that I purchased. The company that sold me my system paid for my power bill till they get my solar energy system up and running. That alone will save me somewhere around $1,050. I was also able to get a new air condition installed in the financing. This will save me another $6,000 cash out of pocket as I was having to replace my AC in the next summer. I also had my roof replaced as my house is almost 30 years old. The rooftiles job was likely to cost me around $10k give or take. 

So as a whole not only could I have been out of pocket for thousands of dollars, had a higher power bill, not being able to stay off the grid, raise the value of my home, but also use the tax deductions off my taxes at about 26% of the cost of the solar energy system. 

This made my solar energy power system an easy decision to make. 

If you have a solar energy panel system story please let me know. 

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