Questions regarding window blinds licensing in Las Vegas.

 Do companies that do window blinds in las Vegas need to be licensed by the contractors board? No, any blinds Las Vegas company must have a license by the city of Las Vegas and the Clark County business license department to do business in Las Vegas. 

Can workers who work for a blinds Las Vegas company be sub-contractors or a 1099 employee? The answer to this question can be complicated. And if you own a company that does window blinds in Las Vegas or window shutters in Las Vegas you should call the licensing department to find out where to get the correct answer for your window blinds company. But here is what I gathered. If you have a sub-contractor that wears your company shirts showing your Las Vegas blinds company name, you must have them as an employee. If a sub-contractor drives your company vehicles they must be a W2 employee as well. Keep in mind that the rules may change from one state to another so you should reach out to get the correct answer before employing or subcontracting anyone. 

Do you need to have experience to get a license to offer blinds Las Vegas services (or shutters Las Vegas services)? No, most people will learn on the job how to install window blinds or window shutters. The Las Vegas business licensing department does not have a guideline for what is needed to sale or install blinds in Las Vegas or shutters in las Vegas. Most other states like Arizona or Washington do require proof that a person has worked in the field of window blinds or window shutters to apply for licensing. 

If you have a felony can you still work for a Las Vegas blinds company? Yes, the law does not have restrictions regarding who can work in the field of window blinds or window shutters in Las Vegas. That being said, some Las Vegas blinds companies may do a background check to see who they are willing to hire (you may want to ask). 

Do Las Vegas blinds companies need special insurance to conduct business? There's many types of insurances so let's talk about some of them. All employees should have insurance do to the fact that they can get hurt on the job. This is forced by the labor laws. Another insurance that businesses must have is commercial car insurance. And as you can imagine any Las Vegas blinds company has to have vehicles do to the fact that their personal must come out to do the job. Another type of insurance that you might wonder about, is the  liability insurance. unfortunately I could not find a law that forces blinds Las Vegas service providers to have liability insurance. I personally hope the laws in the future will force window blinds companies in Las Vegas to purchase these type of liability insurance. 

Do companies need to see that employees have a valid drivers license to operate their vehicles? This answer goes to every business. Not just companies like Las Vegas blinds companies or Las Vegas shutters companies. If you have employees that are operating your vehicles you have the obligation of checking periodically that none of them has had their licenses suspended. 


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